Quentin Bellanger 🏀
Curious web developer

Hi! I'm a self-taught developer with a strong marketing background and a love for everything related to mobile. For me, the best way to learn is to make. That's why I'm very product-oriented and I love to create side projects to try new technologies, build helpful products and train my UX sensibility.

During my development work, I put the emphasis on documentation, automation & accessibility in the simplest way possible. Despite I prefer the front-end part, I also tend to learn what's happening in the background (servers, databases...).

I'm always learning and like to write down what I know or make on my blog. It helps me to remember new skills and to grow good habits. It also helps other developers.

Apart from that: I like simple things, try to live in a minimalist way and my hobbies include eSport, basket-ball and writing.

Nice to meet you!