Hire a curious web developer 💼

Hey! I'm looking for a position as web developer near Nantes. Here is a brief summary of what you should know about my profile. If you need more info, send me a message.


I program in Ruby. I love this language because of its clean syntax who makes it really easy to understand and to read. Of course, I use and work with Ruby on Rails and know the MVC pattern. I also have a good understanding of JavaScript.

My self-teaching taught me solid front end skills. I have a strong knowledge in HTML, CSS & Sass, Bootstrap and jQuery. I also love working with static website generators like Middleman. It offers a seamless development cycle and produces robust websites.

For every project I work on, I version my work on Git and write in the cleanest way possible to produce quality code which can be scalable and readable.


I started my programming experience as a freelance developer for 6 months. I was appliying what I learnt alone which was mainly front-end tasks in designing web applications and also some Ruby on Rails stuff.

Since the 3rd of December, I am an alumni of Le Wagon, a great programming bootcamp. During two months, I could strongly improve my Ruby and Ruby on Rails skills to become better in building websites. It was also a great opportunity to enhance my front-end skills and to discover new developer tools.

Making is learning. That's why I love to create side projects: it empowers creativity and allows me to experiment new tools, frameworks or features. It also brings me additional soft skills like product management.


I try to apply basic rules of simplicity, accessibility and UX. I want to create working websites available for everyone. Not pretty and broken ones.

My past experiences taught me how to focus on what really matters. So I try to put the emphasis on where the real value is depending on the available resources, deadline and client's wishes.

For me, getting things done is always a matter of good relationship. That's why I favor transparency and collaboration with team members and clients.

🖐️ Thanks for reading

If my profile sounds interesting to you, feel free to send me an email by cliking the button below. Have a nice day!