2019 in review

As 2019 comes to its end, it's the perfect time to jump back in this year to highlight what happened to me personally and professionally.


Because of the job market, we moved in Laval (France, not Canada) at the beginning of 2018. After more than one year living there, we finally moved back in Bordeaux in May and it was so refreshing! The city is way cooler and has a lot of activities, the tech community is big and active and we already knew people here (previous colleagues, friends and family). We can say we feel good in this city.


In June, I got a new position as front-end developer at HelloAsso where I still work. I'm super happy about that. There is a great tech team, the atmosphere is really friendly and we're working hard to leverage the power of associations we believe in.


Technically speaking, I leveled up my Vue.js skills. While my previous experience taught be the basis of Vue.js applications through Nuxt, the current one is really pushing it to the next level for me. I am now less dependent and more confortable with a lot of new notions and concepts.


The thing I am the most happy with is accessibility. It was a goal for me to learn web accessibility this year. My mantra was: "Don't ship unaccessible code anymore". To enhance my skills, I browsed many blog posts, read a book ("Inclusive Design Patterns" by Heydon Pickering) and attend a conference (Paris Web). I tried as much as I can to apply everything that I learn in my daily job and to raise awareness among my colleagues.

What to expect in 2020?

There are so much things I want to learn in the web development area. But here are the goals I want to accomplish the most:

I hope 2019 was also successful for you on every level. Happy new year everyone! 🎉